3 Benefits of Using Interior Signage Displays

Interior signage displays are often forgotten as an important part of marketing a business.    When people think about signage, the first thing that comes to mind is outdoor signage like neon lights, light boxes, and fascias; but there are signages that can be used inside your store.  Banners, window graphics, and LED displays are just some of the types that can help promote your business without the signage having to leave your store.


Here are the 3 benefits of taking advantage of signage inside your store:



Promote upcoming events


Many business owners think that promotion happens outside the store — leafleting, getting newspaper ad space, or putting up posters in the streets.  The truth is promoting your store’s upcoming events like discount sales should start right there inside your shop.  Because your target customers are already there, you can easily answer any question they may have.


You can use interior signage displays such as pull-up banners and posters and place it in spot in your store where your customers can easily see them.  This signage is not limited to promotion only.  You can also place the products and services you offer, having it function like a menu.




Look after safety and security


As a business owner, your initial concern is your customers’ safety.  Interior signage displays such as glass or window graphics and window frosting can function in three ways: promote your business, prevent glass-related accidents, and add security to your store.


Needless to say, window graphics are one way to promote your business.  You can have your company logo printed on it, as well as your products and services.  More importantly, with the number of people crashing into glass doors or windows, these also function as a warning.  Without any stickers, people may mistake clear glass as an open door.  Safety reminder signage also let your customers know that you care about them.


As mentioned, window graphics or frosting also adds security to your store.  If you do not wish to expose the interiors of your store too much to passersby (as in banks), these types of interior signage displays can give your place a little privacy.




Add aesthetic quality in your store


Wall graphics are popular nowadays.  Other than improving your store’s interior design, it still is aimed at promoting your company.  With a little creativity, wall graphics do not have to be a straightforward promotion or advertisement.  You can make it look like it’s part of the store’s design.  Often times, the more subtle your wall graphics ad is, the more effective it becomes.


The important thing to remember about using signage inside your store is to have it blend into your existing design.  You do not want it to pop out so much that that’s all your customers can see and focus on.



Remember, using signage to promote your business is not limited to the outdoors.  Interior signage displays can also help generate sales for your company and even function as protection to your shop and to your customers.

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