Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics are a cost effective way of advertising your business. Most company owners sometime overlook the importance of Vehicle Graphics it is an essential market technics for banding a business. If you think about what you do when your at a set of traffic lights waiting for the lights to change I know myself I look around and read what is on the vehicle next to me and sometimes come across a service that I may have been looking for. Basically your company vehicle is a mobile billboard so why not use it to your advantage.

There are varieties of different methods and material that can be used on the Vehicle Graphics, such as a full vehicle wrap to half or quarter wraps, or something subtler like One-Way vision on the back window. It is really is up to the client and how they want there business to be identified and banded on the road. For instants some of our clients want loud colorful background graphics and the information about the company and their logo.

Creating good effective Vehicle Graphics comes down to experience, materials and equipment your potential supplier has. There is a multitude of software out there that can be helpful in creating the required graphics, some of it not as helpful as others. The design stage is normally the time consuming step of the process once approval of the proof has been made the process moves to the production step, it is always super important that your supplier chooses the correct high quality material as there are many cheaper lower preforming Materials out there, we proudly chose 3M for our vehicle wraps as we find it the most durable and forgiving vehicle wrap vinyl available. Next the graphics are printed on a large format printer colour testing we believe is important before printing the full version of the graphics, these sample can be supplied to the client if there are any doubt that the color consistency is slightly off. Once the graphics are printed they are then laminated with a vehicle wrap laminate choosing a laminated that is made by the same manufacture is of great importance as they have been tested together for this purpose. Next is applying the printed and laminated vinyl to the vehicle insuring the vehicle has been cleaned correctly in the areas where the vinyl will be placed, including in the hard to get places. From this point on it’s a matter of removing the backing paper and placing the graphics onto the vehicle in the flattest area and working the rest into the other surfaces with the help of a heat gun and patience. The outcome is always impressive and our customers are always amazed at the response in leads they have from having vehicle graphics installed.


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