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These terms and conditions apply to customers (Customer) of Scope Graphics. By placing an order with, or by other means, the Customer is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and that these terms and conditions override any other terms and conditions.

“Goods” means any and all goods ordered by the Customer from Scope Graphics.

1. Quotations and Orders

1.1 Quotations are based on the cost of materials available at the time of quotation, (which are valid for 30 days from the date stated on the quotation) and Scope Graphics has the right to make any necessary adjustments and correct any errors.

1.2 Any order by the Customer is subject to Scope Graphics acceptance and Scope Graphics may decline an order. All orders made by the Customer must be made in a manner approved by Scope Graphics and are able to be cancelled only with the agreement of Scope Graphics. If Scope Graphics agrees to the cancellation of an order, Scope Graphics will issue an invoice to the Customer for all costs of any work completed prior or materials used to the cancellation.

2. Variations

2.1 If the Customer varies the order after receipt of a quotation, order placement or invoice, Scope Graphics reserves the right to vary the price and present an additional invoice for any extra amount caused by the variation.


3. Credit Terms 

3.1 All new customers are cash on delivery (COD) for first purchase.

3.2 Subject to approval and/or minimum monthly purchases, if the Customer wishes to make payment on a credit basis, the Customer must complete a credit authorisation form, including an authority for Scope Graphics to seek credit information concerning the Customer. Terms and conditions of credit-based payment by the Customer are subject to change by notice in writing by Scope Graphics. If a credit account is approved the Customer must make payment within 30 days of the date of the invoice or within 30 days of the first delivery of the Goods to the Customer whichever is the earlier.

3.3 Payment will not be deemed to be made until Scope Graphics is in receipt of the full purchase price (including any amount for GST, any amounts caused by a variation to the order and costs of delivery, freight and insurance) in cleared funds.

3.4 The Customer must not off set any amount owed to the Customer by Scope Graphics against any amount owed by the Customer to Scope Graphics.

3.5 If payment in full is not made in accordance with these terms and conditions, the following will apply:
(a) Interest of 15% per annum, calculated daily, will be charged on all amounts unpaid from the due date until payment is made;
(b) All deliveries that have not been made, including deliveries of Goods ordered separately
from the Goods to which the unpaid amount relates, will be suspended until the full amount
payable, including GST and interest, is paid in full;
(c) Scope Graphics may terminate any contracts in relation to any undelivered Goods, or impose
additional conditions of payment before delivery in relation to those undelivered Goods;
(d) Any credit arrangements may be terminated without notice;
(e) Scope Graphics may repossess any Goods that have been delivered, without further notice to the Customer and at the Customer’s cost;
(f) Legal proceedings may be instituted for the recovery of the Goods or the unpaid amount
and the costs of such recovery are at the customer’s expense.

3.6 The Customer grants to Scope Graphics an irrevocable licence to enter the Customers premises (or the premises of any associated companies or agents where the Goods are stored) to repossess any Goods in accordance with this clause 3 without being liable for trespass or any resulting damage.

3.7 In the event of any dispute of any of the costs or charges by Scope Graphics, the Customer must make full payment of the invoice price.


4. Delivery

4.1 Delivery of the Goods is affected from the premises of Scope Graphics.

4.2 If requested by the Customer, Scope Graphics will arrange for delivery of the Goods to the Customer at the Customers cost. The Customer remains responsible for the Goods from dispatch of the Goods from the premises of Scope Graphics.

4.3 Scope Graphics may agree to store the Goods free of charge for a period of 14 days from the delivery date. After the 14-day period, storage and picking fees will apply. Scope Graphics is not responsible for any loss, damage or theft of the Goods while in storage. The Customer must ensure the appropriate insurance is in place (at the Customers cost) in relation to the Goods.

4.4 Due dates for production or delivery and delivery dates are estimates only. The Customer is not relieved from liability to accept or pay for the Goods by reason only of any delay in delivery.


5. Intellectual Property Rights

5.1 The Customer acknowledges that all intellectual property rights associated with copyright in any works, including artistic works, made, created or used by Scope Graphics remains the property of Scope Graphics, and may be used in any Scope Graphics promotional activities (eg. Website, brochures, etc.).


6. Title of Goods

6.1 Scope Graphics retains the title to all goods until payment in received in full. 

6.2 The Customer is responsible for the Goods until title passes to the Customer or the Goods are repossessed and the Customer may be liable to Scope Graphics for any loss or damage to the Goods.


7. Disposal of Goods

7.1 If payment for the Goods is not made in full, and either Scope Graphics reclaims the Goods, or the Goods remain undelivered, Scope Graphics may sell the Goods to a third party. The Customer remains liable for any difference between the amount received by Scope Graphics the third party and the amount unpaid by the Customer.

7.2 The Customer grants to Scope Graphics on the date of the order an irrevocable non-exclusive license to sell any Goods bearing any name, business name, logo or trade mark or any other like right and to sell any Goods that are subject to any intellectual property right, including copyright.


8. Customer Supplies

8.1 The Customer must ensure that it retains a copy of the original artwork, electronic copy or any other material either supplied to or by Scope Graphics.

8.2 Production material produced by Scope Graphics remains the property at all times of Scope Graphics and unless otherwise agreed, Scope Graphics is obliged to retain such material.

8.3 If requested by the Customer, Scope Graphics will store the Original Work for up to 4 months on the basis that Scope Graphics bears no liability for damage or loss to the Original Work and Scope Graphics may dispose of the Original Work if the Customer has not collected it within the 4 month period.

8.4 Should Scope Graphics be required to access Original Work stored by Scope Graphics, the Customer agrees to pay any charges invoiced by Scope Graphics.

9. Production Process

9.1 Proofs or samples will not be supplied to the Customer unless specified in the quotation. Scope Graphics is not responsible for production errors if:
(a) Proofs are not requested by the Customer;
(b) The work is printed with the Customers approval; or
(c) Changes are communicated orally.

9.2 The Customer acknowledges that differences in paper, equipment and ink, may cause a variation in colour and such variation will not derogate from the order being acceptable and completed.

9.3 Customers will be supplied, when required, an artwork approval for signed approval prior to commencement of production. Whilst every effort is made to carry out instructions to client satisfaction, Scope Graphics will accept no responsibility or liability for errors once customer signs approval.


10. Warranties

The Customer warrants to Scope Graphics that the material/artwork supplied to Scope Graphics:

(a) Does not infringe the rights of any person, including any intellectual property rights;
(b) Is not defamatory or libelous; 
(c) Is not offensive; and
(d) Is not contrary to law.


11. Claims

11.1 Any claim by a Customer for under-supply, delivery of damaged Goods or non-delivery must be made in writing within 14 days of receipt of the Goods by the Customer. The Customer must supply the order number, invoice number and delivery docket (if applicable) and all details relating to the claim. If the claim is for damaged goods, the Goods must also be supplied to Scope Graphics for evaluation. 

11.2 Liability for any claim against Scope Graphics is limited, at Scope Graphics sole discretion, to: 
(a) Resupplying the Goods;
(b) Providing payment for the cost of resupplying the Goods; or
(c) Repairing the Goods.






12. Liabilities

12.1 Scope Graphics is not liable to the Customer or any third party for any loss, damage or cost (including legal costs) except as provided in condition 11.2, whether direct, indirect or consequential, arising from:
(a) The printing or delivery of any of the Goods;
(b) Late completion of the order or late delivery; 
(c) The repossession or sale of any of the Goods.

12.2 For representations or warranties, which cannot by law, be excluded Scope Graphics liability is limited as provided in condition 11.2.


13. Indemnity and Releases

13.1 The Customer indemnifies Scope Graphics and continues to indemnify Scope Graphics from and against all costs, suits, actions, damages and losses (whether direct or indirect, consequential or not) arising from any of the following:
(a) Any failure to print or deliver any of the Goods;
(b) Late completion of the order or late delivery; 
(c) The repossession or sale of any of the Goods; or

13.2 The Customer releases Scope Graphics and continues to release Scope Graphics from and against all costs, suits, actions, damages and losses (whether direct or indirect, consequential or not) arising from any of:
(a) Any failure to print or deliver any of the Goods;
(b) Late completion of the order or late delivery; 
(c) The repossession or sale of any of the Goods; or

14. General

14.1 Any waiver of any clause of these terms and conditions is only valid if made in writing and signed by the relevant party.

14.2 Any variation of these terms and conditions must be in writing and signed by both Scope Graphics and the Customer.

14.3 The governing law of these terms and conditions is the law of Western Australia. 

15. Privacy

15.1 The personal information you have disclosed in your application for credit with SCOPE GRAPHICS will only be disclosed to the credit referees nominated by you and to our credit rating agency. For further information regarding the privacy of your application please contact the Accounts Department.


16. Disclaimer

16.1 The Customer acknowledges that the information contained on the Scope Graphics Website is provided by Scope Graphics in good faith and is not to be relied upon as being complete, accurate, or up too date. The information contained on the Scope Graphics Website is subject to change by Scope Graphics at any time without notice.

16.2 Subject to any terms implied by law, which cannot be excluded, Scope Graphics accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, cost or expense (whether direct or indirect) incurred by the Customer as a result of any error, omission or representation in any information contained on the Scope Graphics Website.

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