Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Illuminated Signage

Many businesses use illuminated signage in their store so that their customers can easily spot them especially at night; but other than using lights in signage for visibility, this has also become a way to improve the aesthetic quality of their signs.  At night, your logo or your store’s name can pop out even more with the right kind of signage light.


Depending on the effect you want, you can have your signage whole-lit, front-lit, back-lit, or side-lit.  Today, neon and LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are the commonly used lights in this type of signage.  Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of using lit signs so you can see if this type of sign will fit your business needs.





Costs more than non-illuminated signs


Because of the technology and materials required in building illuminated signage, the cost for making one is already higher than other types of signage.  Don’t forget the man hours and the mark up those manufacturers add to the final price.  Acrylic cut-outs and build-ups are especially more expensive than flat signage, but they do look more attractive.



Requires professional maintenance


Over time, this signage will start to wear out.  Some can have busted lights, fading colors, and built up dirt.  To avoid this from happening, you need to call for a professional maintenance service company who specializes in cleaning and replacing parts of illuminated signage. 



Uses electricity

Although many of this signage is already energy efficient, because they use electricity, it still does add up to your electric bill every month.  If your store operates until late night or early morning, this means that your sign has to stay on for long hours.






Easily catches customers’ attention


Eyes are naturally drawn to light, which is why using illuminated signage is the popular choice among business owners.  If your signage has the right graphic elements, it will look good in daytime with the lights off, and will still look spectacular at night with the lights on.



Better visibility even from a distance


With a well-lit signage placed on a good spot, your customers can easily find you even from afar.  Especially if you have first-time clients visiting your store, you do not want them having a hard time looking for your place just because you do not have a visible signage.



Can be used indoors


Illuminated signage is not limited to outdoor use only as a front sign.  These can also be placed indoors for many purposes.  It can bear your company logo, serve as a promo announcer, and some types are designed to contain more messages.  LED displays, for example, are now commonly used to advertise different products and events.  Also, safety signs, like the directional signs used to show where the fire exits are, use lit signs.



Every type of signage has its advantages and disadvantages, including illuminated signage.  What’s important is for you to invest in the one that will provide what you need in your business.

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