Advantages of Using Vehicle Graphics Signage

Vehicle graphics signage, also known as vehicle wraps, has become more popular in the past few years.  These are vehicles that have a sticker wrapped all over its body instead of its usual manufactured car paint.  Buses, company cars, and even some private vehicles can be used for this type of signage or advertising.


Because most people spend much of their time outside of their home, using this type of signage to advertise a product or a business is a great way to catch their attention.  Although vehicle wraps cost more than banners, its advantages will certainly return your investment. 



More design possibilities


The design in vehicle graphics signage can be anything you want.  Before the sign is placed in a vehicle, a design is created, laid out, and printed on a sticker.  This sticker is what will wrap the vehicle.  Before, business owners simply painted their logo or their company name on their official vans or trucks just to serve as an identifier.


Because of the design flexibility and variation that vehicle wraps offer, companies started taking advantage of this by being creative with it.  They play around with colors, include powerful images, and add catchy slogans.






Unlike banners and front signage which should be setup or installed sturdily to avoid accidents, vehicle graphics signage are relatively safer.  Because it has a strong adhesive that sticks the light material to the vehicle, it will only stay in place.  You do not need to worry about strong winds blowing your sign away and injuring your customer.


Neon lights or light boxes are also popular signage that utilizes electricity.  When not properly taken care of and regularly maintained, these may start up a fire.  Vehicle wraps, on the other hand, do not require electricity to function, lessening the chances for accidents.



Wider reach


In marketing, signage visibility is very important to promote a business.  The goal is to expose this sign to as many potential customers as possible.  A vehicle graphics signage can do just that.   Because your sign is wrapped in a vehicle, it naturally goes to wherever it is going, which makes for a “traveling advertisement”.  As a result, more people from more places see your signage.


Some companies pay private car owners to have their car wrapped with the company’s advertisement for a period of time.  Think of this as giving away custom designed T-shirts to people, hoping that they will wear it to somehow advertise your brand.  Only, very small percentage will actually wear your T-shirt.  With a vehicle wrap, your ad is always exposed to your potential customers.  Compared to buying airtime on TV or radio, or leasing a billboard, this method is much more affordable and practical. 



Knowing the advantages of using vehicle graphics signage for your business, think about whether this is something you can set aside a budget for and invest in.  With the right design strategy, this kind of marketing signage can help bring in more customers to your business.

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