Are You Missing Half Your Opportunities?

Marketing and promotion is a simple enough equation, in some ways. Exposure times equals leads  – the exact values of the variables may change, but the basic math is always the same. When thinking of ways to promote your business, after all, you don’t go to places that no one ever visits. You don’t put up signs in closed-off areas, you don’t set your sidewalk signs on roads no one walks on, and you don’t advertise on web sites that get ten clicks a year.

And yet, so many of us do use advertising that’s pretty much invisible literally half the time: At night. If your store signage isn’t illuminated signage in Perth, the moment the sun goes down your store might as well no longer exist.

Love the Night Life

Let’s say you’re in a well-trafficked area. During the day, people are everywhere, strolling around, shopping, grabbing lunch with friends. You’ve paid to have some really great signs installed on your shop front, in your windows, inside. They’re well-designed and quite visible, and you get a good stream of people popping in just because they spied the signs.

Do you know if your signs could be pulling double duty for you? Or do you just pack up and go home at the end of business? Try an experiment: Over the course of a few selected days, go visit your store after dark. Try different times – beginning of the week, the weekend, late evening, early evening. Does your block get a lot of foot traffic as people head out to dinner and drinks, films and other night time activities? Then you’re throwing opportunities away if you don’t have illuminated signage in Perth.

The Delayed Effect

True, if people walking by see your signs at night they can’t just walk in. But if they see your signs – your well-designed signs that catch the eye and hook the mind, your well-crafted signs that clearly define what your business offers and why they should look into you – they will remember you when the time comes. In fact, if your bright, clear illuminated signage in Perth hits their eyes every time they come out to your block, they will slowly come to view your business as an everyday feature of their lives, and that’s an incredible advantage.

Facts about Illuminated Signage in Perth

Illuminated signs don’t use much power, and are very cheap to create, install, and operate. So yes, you can leave them burning all night without breaking the bank – or, if you must, set a timer on your lights so they turn off when the streets empty out.

They’re also very easy to maintain. The bulbs last for a very long time and aren’t all that hard to change. All you need to do is start with a reputable and successful sign business in the first place – they’ll take your design and deliver beautiful, effective signs that will work twenty-four hours a day to promote your business.