Perth Small Businesses: Get the Most Out Of Signage

For small businesses, signs displayed on premise can often be the only form of marketing. The economic impact of business signage has been widely studied. In fact, a US research survey conducted on small business owners found that most of them testify to the usefulness of well-placed signage in attracting new business. The survey results also indicate that the simple act of changing an old, worn-down sign with a new sign had a clear positive impact on number of customers and sales.

Scope Graphics is committed to helping Perth businesses improve their revenue through thoughtful and intelligent signage including shop-front signs, A-frames, banners and window graphics. Here is why signage is an important form of marketing for business owners:

Help people find you

Small business owners rely on people actually visiting your shop for business. They don’t have the luxury of big-budget advertising or a well-recognised brand name. When word of mouth is your biggest marketing avenue, you really want people to be able to find you easily. Include your name, your business logo and a short statement of what your business is about in your signage.

 If you are investing in street-corner signs, make sure they lead potential customers to your doorstep. Include clear information that will help people find your shop, without cramming your sign full of irrelevant information.

 On-impulse sales

If you have a local retail business, you know that a good portion of your business is from impulse purchases. People walk by, see your signage and remember that they needed that product. To capture this market, your signage has to be strategically placed to get the maximum possible attention.

 Even services benefit from impulse sales – how many times have you walked by a beauty salon and remembered that you needed a haircut? It is these impulse sales that good signage successfully captures. Use honest words with a bit of humour to catch people’s eyes.

 Sign readability is the single important factor that makes people enter a new store. On the other hand, bad signage deters many customers from entering shops.

 Brand identification

Every time someone is walking past your shop, stopping at a red light in front of your business, or even just driving through the street, they are taking in your signs, if only on a sub conscious level. They are also forming impressions about you and your business, each time.

 Whether you have a shiny well-illuminated sign in front of the shop, or whether your sign is old with fading letters, has an impact in the thoughts running through his or her mind. Think about how you want everyone to remember your business – good signage plays an important role in that.

 Scope Graphics is your one-stop shop for all signage-related services including shopfront and window graphics, vehicle graphics, business cards, flyers and banners. With more than ten years industry experience and scores of satisfied customers, we continue to help Perth businesses with fast and professional printing services.

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