Popular Mobile Signage Solutions

Mobile signage solutions were created so that business owners can be sure that their ads continue to reach the on-the-go consumers wherever they are.  Not very long ago, companies advertised using tools that stayed in one place — television, billboards, and radio to name a few. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle it is only fit to use business signs that can be brought around to attract more customers.


Other than being versatile, this kind of signage is relatively cheaper than your traditional front signage.  Let’s look at some of the popular ones:





Cheap, easy to setup, and easy to pack-up — these are just some of the advantages of a banner sign, which is one of the most in demand mobile signage solutions. Although it doesn’t come with a stand, it’s a breeze to hang banners.  When tuck away, it doesn’t eat up much space; and because you can keep it, you save money from having new but the same banners printed every time you need it.



Pull-up banner


If you often participate in exhibits, investing in a pull-up banner is a practical choice.  It comes with a stand, which looks very presentable and professional.  This is important especially when you are trying to make a good first impression to your target customers.  While this may be bulkier compared to the ordinary banner, the extra weight and the space it requires for storage are worth it.





This easel-type mobile signage solution has a style that’s perfect for businesses that want an artsy touch in their image.  For example, coffee shops can creatively put their specials in these A-frames.  Compared to pull-up banners, A-frames have a more classic or rustic look. This is also probably why many restaurants use this type of signage for displaying their menu or promos.  One disadvantage is that A-frames do take up a significant amount of space, when in use and even when stored.





Posters are often intended for short-term advertisement.  Business owners usually use this to promote any special discount sale or events.  Because it is made from paper or cardboard, using it outdoors for a long time is not advisable.  The upside is that posters are very affordable and very portable. When placed in strategic locations, posters become effective marketing tools.



Vehicle graphics


Mobile signage solutions like vehicle graphics need a little more investment.  Compared to the items mentioned above, vehicle graphics are the least affordable.  However, these do reach more people in more places because it literally is a walking (well, rolling or driving) advertisement.  Depending on how you wittily design your vehicle signage, it can become the talk of the town.



If your business can use a little promotion lift, turning to some of the mobile signage solutions may help you study which type best suits your needs.  More importantly, going mobile with your ads only prove that your business can keep up with the changes.

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