Signage Options for Small Businesses

Owning a business entails many tasks such as spotting the perfect location, providing the right products and services, and even choosing from the number of signage options to help promote your business.  Your business’ sign is the first thing that your customers see, so it is not surprising if they base their impression of your company on it.


Because getting the word out about your business is very important in generating sales, it is worth noting which type of signage would best fit the nature of your business and, of course, your budget.



Front signage


Many of us grew up expecting to see a front signage in the stores we frequent.  Being one of the traditional signage options, it is also one of the most popular.  It can, however, be expensive, depending on the materials you wish to use.  Fortunately you don’t necessarily have to break the bank just to have an impressive signage.  With the right layout and graphics, you can have an attractive sign.



Window graphics


If front signage seems a little out of your budget, another option you can go for is window graphics.  These are usually made from sticker or canvas, which are then placed on — where else? — Your store’s window.  Other than serving as identification for your business, these can also help announce any promos you currently have.  Window graphics give you more flexibility in terms of what you want it to contain and how long you want it on your window.



Pull-up banners


These banners are more affordable than most signage options.  Plus, since portability is one of the main features of pull-up banners, you can take them along with you each time you participate in events or exhibits.  You can also use this inside your store to feature upcoming sales or new products.


Since pull-up banners are mobile, they do not have to stay inside your store nor do they have to be in exhibits only.  You can check your area for any places or establishments that allow business owners to display a banner ad for free or for a minimal fee.  With your pull-up banner there, you have more chance of attracting new customers.




Vehicle signage


If your business only requires a vehicle to deliver goods or services, using a vehicle signage may be one of the best signage options for you.  Advertising on wheels has become popular today.  One of the common methods used for this type of advertisement is by wrapping a vehicle with a sticker that bears the business’ name.


The main advantage of using this is you are promoting your business practically everywhere you go.  It’s really like a walking billboard, but for just a fraction of the cost.  Make sure that the graphics you use are attractive enough to catch people’s attention.



Remember, knowing your signage options will help you arrive at an informed decision when it comes to promoting your business.  The right tools can always help your business succeed.