The Big Blending In Mistake

There are a few things in this world that haven’t changed much over the centuries. One of the most remarkably unchanged tools, in fact, is the humble sign; technology may have improved in the manufacture and design of the signage Perth sees on its busy streets, but the sign itself is remarkably unchanged, and works exactly the same way it did a thousand years ago.

 What’s also remarkable is how people are still making the same mistakes when it comes to designing signs for their business as they were centuries ago. While there’s something cool about having signage that looks like it was designed and manufactured decades ago, it would be better overall if you broke that link by having much more awesome signage. Lucky for you, almost all sign design mistakes come back to one basic problem: The urge to be tasteful.

 Never Blend

 As a thought experiment, take a moment to think of the most memorable signage Perth has shown you in recent years – the signs that really stood out and still come to mind months or even years after you’ve seen them, or the signs that somehow cut through the noise and convinced you to choose one roadside business over another.

 We’re willing to bet one aspect links all of those winning signs together: A lack of subtlety. In other words, those signs didn’t blend into the background.

 The biggest mistakes people make when designing signs for their business are all linked:

  • An attempt to be subtle or understated
  • Matching the colour palette and design of the room or building
  • Treating the sign like a big open-air brochure and trying to cram every possible bit of data onto it

 In short, trying to make your sign attractive is a mistake. While certainly ugly shouldn’t be your goal, either, trying to apply the same rules that you use when decorating your house will result in a sign that no one pays much attention to.

 Catching the Eye

 So, what should you do instead? Think about those memorable signs again. They likely have at least one of these features:

  • Bright, eye-catching colour palette
  • Large-scale – possibly even gigantic proportions
  • Short and simple message
  • Irregular – something ‘off’ about the balance in the design

In fact, the best signage Perth has to offer would be considered downright ugly if you installed it in your house, but that’s the point. You don’t want your signs to blend in and be one with the background. You want them to jump out and grab the eye, and you shouldn’t care if the new client thinks it’s the ugliest thing in the world, as long as it got them in the door.

 Signs can be counter-intuitive. If you’re wondering why your signs aren’t doing the job, chances are it’s something like this, a fact that goes against your assumptions. That’s where a professional, experienced sign company can help, because they know exactly why signs work – and why they fail.

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