The Perfect Sign: How to Choose the Right Signage for Your Perth Business

A professionally designed sign is one of the best marketing opportunities for a small business. Shop front signs differ from brochures and other printed marketing materials in that they must attract customers at first glance. Often, potential customers are driving or walking by – and it is only a split second glance that your sign gets.

To make the most of this first impression, here are some elements that help attract business through the right signage:

Size of the Sign

Your sign must be clearly visible from a distance, even from a moving vehicle. Choose plain, easily readable fonts with enough white space around for maximum clarity. If you are using fancy lettering, your sign will need to be much bigger for equal clarity.

 The words you use, the colours chosen for your sign – all play a part in making it more visible. Use simple, familiar words and include graphics or your logo to improve brand recognition.

 Placement of the Sign

In the case of impulse sales, customers will often be driving, see your sign and stop to visit your shop. To target these customers, your sign has to be visible from a distance so that the person can make the decision to stop.

 Here the decision is between a sign that is parallel to the road or one that is perpendicular to the road. Perpendicular signs are easier to read from a moving vehicle, but in that case, you have to print both sides. For parallel signs to enjoy the same visibility, they have to be almost 70% larger, according to experts.


How tall do you want your sign to be? The taller the sign, the better chance it has for being noticed from a distance. But there are practical considerations that limit the height – availability of space, ease of access, whether the footpath outside is covered, whether the sign will be covered by parked vehicles, and so on.


Illuminated signs help your business be noticed at all times of the day and night, even when it is closed. There are different illumination options available today – LEDs, fluorescent tubes, or other elements of illumination, special lamps designed to focus light on the sign, or even internal illumination. Whatever method you choose, make sure that it does not cause too much glare, yet make your sign bright enough to be noticed among other signs.

 If you have a carefully designed colour scheme for your sign, it is good to put some thought into the illumination aspect also. Otherwise, your sign can appear completely different when illuminated – this is important if you have a brand identity in your colour scheme.

 If all that sounds a bit confusing, do not worry. At Scope Graphics, we are well-experienced in choosing the right sign for all kinds of businesses. You can just give us your preferences, and we will work out the details. For affordable signage in Perth with quick turnaround times, visit us at our Osborne Park office, or contact us on 08 9446 9280.

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