The Psychological Advantage of Menu Signs in Perth

To borrow an old saying, when it comes to marketing and advertising, there is nothing new under the sun. Whatever strategy you can imagine for promoting your business, someone has already tried it, tweaked it, subverted it, or re-imagined it. The biggest mistake you can make, however, is to let that convince you that it’s not worth trying anything because it’s been ‘done before.’ After all, one reason something becomes common and a cliché is because it’s successful enough to warrant continuing the practice.

 If you’re running a restaurant in a city like Perth, one of the oldest tricks in the book are the menu signs in Perth you see everywhere. On the surface, these are pretty obvious marketing ploys: These are essentially the same as other sidewalk signs, and get your name, logo, and other info out there on the street where the people are, and lure them into following some simple directions to your spot. In reality, though, menu signs in Perth go much deeper than other sidewalk signs, and have a distinct psychological advantage.

 Being There

 The advantage, of course, stems from the actual menu on the sign. People become trained for certain circumstances; half our youth is spent being trained in how to behave, after all. One of the most common experiences socialised human beings engage in is eating out, and one of the first things people do when seated at their favourite restaurant – any restaurant, in fact – is to open the menu and review the choices for their meal.

 Note that by the time someone is viewing the menu, they’re already seated, usually. They’ve already made the mental decision to eat there. This is where breakfast, lunch, or dinner is going to happen.

 When they pause to review your menu on the sidewalk, the same mental state is triggered: They’re reading the menu. They’re already there sitting down and inspecting the bread basket, ordering a beverage, deciding between dishes. It’s a powerful trick: In their heads, they’re already easting at your restaurant.

 Tips for Better Menu Signs in Perth

 Like all marketing, the more thought you put into your menu signs, the more effective they can be. A few tips:


  • Edit your menu. Focus on your most popular dishes, or the dishes you think are the most welcoming, the closest to the category of ‘comfort food.’ No one will stop to read through an entire busy menu with dozens of choices. Send out your best.
  • Visuals – have enticing, mouth-watering photos of your food, and perhaps some indication of the ambiance and look of your dining room, so people can quickly see if it matches their mood, attire, and plans.
  • Include clear directions. This might seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked: Make sure people can contact you and find your location easily.


A menu sign can be incredibly effective. Contact a local sign maker to discuss how you can get your food out onto the sidewalks and into the brains of hungry potential customers.