Using Signs Strategically

Signs are everywhere, to the point where many of us have become ‘sign blind.’ We see certain signs in the same spots all the time, and we subconsciously ignore them, editing them out of our daily memories. This doesn’t necessarily mean that business signs in Perth are useless. It just means that when people aren’t looking for help or looking for a business to satisfy a need of theirs they have trained themselves to ignore advertising. If you think about it, we all do this to some extent – just getting up to get a snack during commercial breaks on television is more or less the same behaviour.

 But business signs in Perth can still be extremely effective if you know how to use them strategically. Here are three scenarios where a sign for your business can have a real impact, no matter how ‘sign blind’ your customers and potential customers might have become.

 Strategy One: The A-Frame on the Sidewalk

 One of the most effective ways to use business signs in Perth is to project your business far away from its actual location. The store front signs and window display at your store might work very well attracting passers-by to your store, but what about the huge number of people who aren’t and likely won’t be passing by? An A-Frame sign set up on a corner or in the middle of a block is a great way to extend your brand penetration far away from your actual store front, pulling in people who otherwise would not have walked by your business.

 Strategy Two: Using Car Decals as Mobile Marketing

 A lot of businesses already use car decals to brand their vehicles and extend their marketing, but not many are using car decals to their full power. Your company vehicle isn’t just a way of making certain your marketing goes everywhere you do, it’s also a way of setting up a billboard at public events. Street fairs, holiday gatherings, press conferences on the steps of the mayor’s office – anywhere crowds will gather, a few of your branded vehicles parked in plain sight will draw the eyes and promote your business to hundreds of people at a time.

 Strategy Three: Interior Signs

 Too many businesses figure once they’ve got a potential customer in the store, converting them will be easy enough, and they don’t bother with any more signs. This is a waste of an opportunity. Your customer walks in and either spends time looking around or waiting for someone to come help them. They may walk out before you get an opportunity to ‘reel them in.’ Signs on your walls extolling your services, customer feedback, or special offers may be the last link in the chain that not only brings customers to you but converts them as well.

You have to have a strategy for everything in business, and your signs and marketing is no different. Have a plan, invest your funds wisely, and then execute that plan with confidence – and make signs work for you.