Why Quality Matters as Much as Design for Exhibitions in Perth

Perth is a major city that sees a lot of exhibitions, conventions, and conferences. This is great for your business because you’re almost guaranteed to have a few events each year that focus on your industry, allowing you to meet others in your line of work and trade secrets, tips, and war stories. They’re also great opportunities to learn new angles for getting customers and even directly interface with customers or potential partners.

 Anyone who has been to exhibitions in Perth knows that when it comes to your booth, the secret is obvious: Your signage. When you rent a booth at an exhibition or convention, you’re basically getting a small bit of floor space, electrical hookups and other basic infrastructure and facilities help, and, maybe, a folding table. That’s it. We’ve all seen the sad example of a business that didn’t plan ahead, standing out like a sore thumb with their bare table and lack of decoration, and no one wants to be them.

 After the Design

 That’s good knowledge, and no doubt when the next round of exhibitions in Perth come around you’ll be way ahead of everyone in planning your booth signage and other decorations. Unfortunately, far too many businesses focus entirely too much on the design of their booths and not on the quality of the manufacture.

 We get it: Not only is design fun, it also seems pretty easy. All you do is look at some examples of what’s worked in the past or what seems like good ideas to you, and mimic it with your own twist and your own branding. Design gets all the attention because it’s enjoyable and exciting.

 But if your booth banner frays or tears, if your standing sign collapses, if your booth bunting and placards print wonky or fade or peel off their backing, your design won’t matter anymore. People will only see a business that was too cheap to spend money on a better print job, and your first impression will be a poor one.

 Old Quality Doesn’t Count

 Another word of warning: When companies spend to have high-quality printing done on the signs for their exhibitions in Perth, there’s an accompanying instinct to make those investments stretch. While there’s nothing wrong with re-using a piece of booth decor that’s still in great shape and still applicable, consider a few things:

  • Any sign of wear and tear will be noticed by your visitors, and will likely make you look cheap, out of touch, or amateurish.
  • Older pieces often don’t have the same stamina, and may fail spectacularly at the wrong moment.
  • Don’t lie to yourself about how modern and current your old designs look – be objective.
  • Consider the ‘eye fatigue’ regular attendees of the exhibitions in Perth may experience if they see the same booth from you every single year. Sometimes a dramatic visual change can inspire more excited visits from potential clients and customers.

In the end, you know what it takes to stand out from the crowd. Just don’t get too lost in the creative fun.