Why You Should Maintain Your Perth Business Signage?

Business signs help customers form the vital first impressions about a business. Clear, well-maintained signage conveys an impression of quiet professionalism and competence. All of us have experiences of forming expectations about a business based on its external signs.

But what about faded, or broken signs? A person who sees an ill-maintained sign on the outside cannot be blamed for thinking that the interior must be worse. While all of us know not to judge a book by its cover, the truth is that first impressions matter a lot in business.

Faded or broken signs

Old signs that show wear and tear – whether due to years of being exposed to the elements or simply due to lack of maintenance – belong only in the waste bin. These include signs that are lopsided, signs with chipping paint, those missing half the message and so on. You want your sign to be smart and professional, just like your business.

 Improper Illumination

Partially illuminated signs with a few missing bulbs (and hence a few missing letters) are often funny, but never when it is your own business sign. When it appears that a business owner cannot even put up a properly illuminated sign, what does that say about the business? It is quite natural that a customer will want to take his business elsewhere.

 Impossible to understand

There are also signs that are faded to the point that the message cannot be understood. For a customer driving by looking for a business, these signs are easily missed. No one will bother to take the time and decipher what your signage means to convey, they will just choose another option.

 Maintain your business image

A good business sign is an investment – it should convey your business name, the product or service that you provide, and your location. Regular maintenance and cleaning are important to preserve your sign and to get the most benefit out of it.

 Depending on the type of the sign and the extent of damage, you might therefore have to repaint, repair or replace. After bad weather and storms, inspect your exterior signs for damage and get it repaired as necessary. For interior signs, cleaning can be on a less frequent schedule.

 For illuminated signs, make it a point to have those inspected twice a year. Check all the electrical connections, condition of the bulbs or LEDs, and for any loose fittings. It is also important to get the insides professionally cleaned – dust and dead insects can affect the proper functioning and quality of illumination.

 If the sign is too old or badly damaged, it might be best to replace it completely. Scope Graphics offers a wide variety of business signage options in Perth including window graphics, shop front signs, pull-up banners, A-frames and more. We are proud to advertise as the one-stop shop for all Perth signage needs. Our fast, professional service and competitive prices keep our customers returning to our Osborne Park store.

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