Window Graphics – Affordable Signage Solution for Small Businesses

Looking for an affordable signage solution doesn’t have to be a difficult task.  With prices going up these days, practical and wise company owners make sure that they spend within their budget, and that includes investing in signs for their business.  When it comes to shop front signs, neon lights and light boxes are the popular choices; however, these do require more budget.


For small businesses, especially for startup companies, window graphics are a great choice.  These are not as expensive as illuminated signs, and other than functioning as your store’s identity, it also does the following for your business:




Helps secure your customers and your store


If you are not too crazy about all the glass windows and doors in your shop because you feel very exposed, window graphics can help give your store a little security.  This affordable signage solution is perfect for businesses that want to provide a little privacy to their customers or to their store, as well.


Banks, jewelry store, and pawn shops, usually have large transactions with their customers, and will benefit from this type of signage.  Window graphics are also common among dermatological clinics, spas and other types of business that need some seclusion or solitude.



Adds aesthetic value


With the right layout of graphics and text, window signage can help beautify your store.  Realize that this signage doesn’t always have to be about hard-selling your products and services; but by using this affordable signage solutions in harmony with your store’s design, you still attract customers into your shop.



Ensures Safety


People crashing into glass windows and glass doors are all over the news.  Mistaking a clear glass as an opening, they end up running into it and getting seriously injured.  Window graphics or frosting does not only serve as your signage, but it also helps protect your customers from such accidents.  A presentable sticker on your glass door functions as a warning to your clients.  This may sound like a small or petty issue, but not when it happens to one of your customers.  “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure,” is very true.



Allows for variation


An affordable signage solution like window graphics allows you to change your signage as often as you need.  You do not need to use one continuous sticker in one huge glass.  You can be creative with it so that you have the option to change one portion when you need to announce promos and events.  Window signage can contain any kind of image or text you want.  Because it’s generally a sticker where your layout is printed on, it gives you creative freedom in your signage.



There certainly are many other affordable signage solutions, and window graphics is only one of your many choices.  Its price and benefits are the qualities that practical business owners look for in what they will invest in.  As in any kind of wise shopping, take note of what you want, but remember to look around first.

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